The Incubator Studio provides a unique development process that brings all of the creative talent into one room to build original concepts collaboratively, from the ground up.


Our writers and directors present their original ideas, and over the course of 8 weeks work collaboratively with actors through a workshop process as they write and tweak their story. Though we pride ourselves on a culture grounded in collaboration, the writers and directors drive the ship. At the end of the session the group shoots a high-quality finished project with an amazing synergy that's reflected in the end result. Finished stories that can potentially be submitted to festivals or shopped to broadcasters as a pitch pilot.

The Incubator Workshop creates an amazing opportunity for actors to dive deeper into their character work, while offering writers and directors the unique experience of watching their stories evolve on their feet as they are being written.

To date our finished projects have won numerous festival awards, been optioned by television production companies, and been sold into development to national broadcasters.

Actors looking for more information on our workshops, click here!


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