Get Up, Stand Up


A scripted dark half hour comedy about a group of bitter, dysfunctional, struggling stand-up comics travel cross country in a minivan on a poorly planned tour organized by their unmotivated, incompetent agent.


Note: All rights retained by The Incubator Studios. Actors are submitted for reasonable consideration, but not locked.


Stand Up Comics come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life, but generally the one thing they all have in common is that they're bitter, frustrated and have low aspirations and self esteem. They've got debt, drama and emotional baggage that they carry from venue to venue. Or in this case, that they load into a minivan as they're stuck together in confined quarters traveling across country from one shitty club to the next as they try to come up with funny material.


Get Up, Stand Up follows an eclectic group of wannabe or has-been comics who hope to get their careers back on track, get to the next level of success, or just possibly get laid as they journey together into hell. Also know as Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Edmonton.


And who better for these talented comedy artist to put their future and career success in than a woman who's struggling with stress and psychological issues and who really doesn't give a rats ass.


Together this is a journey that can only end in a star being born...or a minivan pulled over to the side of the highway while non-confrontational comics engage in a fistfight to the death-ish.


This single camera series is set within the confines of the minivan, inside various low-end motels, and on the stages of mediocre comedy clubs.

The feel, style of humour and tone is reminiscent of The Trailer Park Boys with the comedic observations of Louie.


Each episode will follow the various storylines of the ensemble of comics, and wrap up with a few minutes of the set from one of the comics. The material from that set will have been developed from the subject matter of the episode. (ala Seinfeld or Louie.)


The humour is dark, edgy and often controversial, to stay true to the actual life of the stand up comic.